By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

A Blog by Connect Gazelles' CEO Nick Butler

This blog will be made up of useful advice and guidance taken from our monthly 'Masterclasses' in both groups of the Connect Gazelles, from our bi-monthly peer-to-peer sessions and will also feature Nick's views on current business issues.

Picking the Winners from the Losers

11th March 2016

Read our CEO, Nick Butlers latest blog. This weeks looks back at our recent Masaterclass in Sheffield with IP Groups CEO Alan Aubrey.

Customer satisfaction and leading in your chosen market

19th February 2016


12th February 2016

Errors and How to Rectify Them

Training Seminar

5th February 2016

Cyber security - How much should we worry

Peer to Peer Learning

22nd January 2016

Our thank you dinner

22nd January 2016

Female Entrepreneurs - Where are you all

15th January 2016

Profit Margin and Pensions

8th January 2016

Always look forward, never look back

18th December 2015

A look at what we have in store for you in 2016

Innovation and Competition

10th December 2015