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If you’re looking for a way to increase productivity, stay motivated, and organize your thoughts, then a journal is an excellent tool to add to your arsenal. Not only is journaling a proven method for reducing stress, but it’s also a valuable resource for personal and professional growth. As entrepreneurs, we understand the hustle required to build a successful business. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the best journals to help you stay organized, focused, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re starting a new journaling habit or looking for inspiration to continue, we have you covered. Ready to take your career to the next level? Keep reading to learn more.

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My PA Planner My PA Planner
Collins Elite Manager Collins Elite Manager
Roterunner Purpose Planner Roterunner Purpose Planner
The 6-Minute Success Journal The 6-Minute Success Journal
Business & Lifestyle Planner by NM Network Marketing Business & Lifestyle Planner by

NM Network Marketing

What Defines a Good Journal for Entrepreneurs?

A good journal for entrepreneurs is one that not only serves as a tool for organizing their thoughts but also provides them with guidance and inspiration. To begin with, a customized feeling in terms of the template and writing guidance is a must-have for any entrepreneur. This helps them stay organized and helps them find their way around the journal with ease.

Another important aspect is a journal with prompts to ideate. Entrepreneurs thrive on ideation and brainstorming sessions. Having a journal with prompts to spark creative ideas helps entrepreneurs stay productive and motivated.

The size of the journal matters too. It should neither be too small that it becomes inconvenient to write nor too big that it is difficult to carry around. A journal that fits in your pocket or in your bag is ideal.

Seamless cover journals are a better choice for daily use. The cover should also be durable to ensure it does not get damaged with daily use. Pages with space for doodling and making small graphs and charts are also good choices for entrepreneurs.

Lastly, it is important for the journal to fit the specific criteria of the entrepreneur. It should be able to help the entrepreneur achieve their goals and stay organized. The journal should be a source of inspiration and provide an avenue for the entrepreneur to jot down their ideas.

Best 2023 Journals For Entrepreneurs in UK

My PA Planner

My PA Planner

My PA Planner
The My PA Planner is a well-rounded journal for entrepreneurs who are serious about achieving their goals. It stands out from other planners as it not only includes traditional goal setting features but also assists with marketing, financial planning, social media planning, project planning, habit tracking and personal growth through gratitude journaling.

One of the unique features of the planner is the Year in Review section, which allows entrepreneurs to reflect on the previous year and set meaningful goals accordingly. The planner is well-designed, with space for everything an entrepreneur needs, including a weekly schedule, daily health and fitness tracker, and space for taking notes.

The My PA Planner also has a high-quality finish, with matt laminated and section-sewn paper that lays flat and is beautiful to write on. The optimal size of the planner ensures it is neither too big nor too small, making it easy to carry around.

While it is difficult to find any drawbacks of this planner, its chunky size means it may not be suitable for those who prefer to carry their planner around with them everywhere they go. However, it is perfect for those who use their planner as a personal assistant on their desk.

Collins Elite Manager

Collins Elite Manager

Collins Elite Manager
The Collins Elite Manager is an excellent choice of journal for entrepreneurs who need an efficient tool to organize and plan their days. With over 200 years of experience and quality and functionality at an affordable price, Collins has become a trusted brand in the market.

One of the standout features of this journal is the luxury PU leather cover that feels great and is highly durable. The Collins Elite Manager is more than just a diary as it provides users with optimal organization and incorporates features such as monthly tabs, ribbon markers and a personal directory, where users can keep track of their nearest and dearest contacts.

The Elite planner also includes a current and forward-year planner, allowing users to record important dates of the current and the upcoming year. Besides, the journal uses premium Japanese paper that is of high quality and long-lasting, allowing users to write or draw effortlessly.

The Collins Elite Manager journal has a lay-flat opening, which makes it easy to write on and use, even on-the-go.

The review mentions that there are a few downsides as well. For instance, the journal is only available in one color, so users may confuse and pick the wrong one out of the office. Also, the notepad inside falls short of some users’ expectations as it is not big enough, and the refill size is an unusual dimension, making it challenging to find a suitable refill.

Overall, the Collins Elite Manager is an excellent choice of journal for entrepreneurs who want to stay organized, plan their days well and have all important contacts in one place. With its premium materials, features, and durability, the Elite Manager is a personal assistant that lasts for years, making it a wise investment for anyone who values quality and ease of use.

Roterunner Purpose Planner

Roterunner Purpose Planner

Roterunner Purpose Planner
The Roterunner Purpose Planner is an excellent option for anyone seeking a functional and high-quality journal for entrepreneurs. This 6-month non-dated planner is designed to empower busy people to take control of their time and boost productivity while prioritizing wellness.

One of the key features of this planner is its simplistic design, which includes annual calendar views, a notes index, and holistic monthly and weekly planning dashboards. The numbered dot-grid pages included in the dashboards allow for expanded task lists, notes, drawings, journaling, or sketches to be added to the planner. Additionally, the Roterunner Purpose Planner is designed with 5 Roles & Goals templates, Reading, Bucket, & Self-care checklists, AM/PM routines, habit, nutrition, fitness, and health trackers, motivational quotes, and productivity tips, all to ensure a satisfying writing experience.

The high-quality Smyth-sewn notebook of this planner is designed to provide a satisfying writing experience with 100GSM premium no-bleed, no-smudge paper, and a 7.75” x 9.75” (B5) lay-flat Notebook, Organizer, Journal. In addititon, this planner comes with PU Leather-finished hard & softcover options, 2 ribbon bookmarks, elastic book closure, accordion pocket, and rounded edges to enable quick access to important pages.

This planner is voted as the Best Time-Management Planner for 2022 and recommended by NY Magazine’s Strategist as the best time-management weekly planner, making it a highly credible option for entrepreneurs.

On the downside, this journal for entrepreneurs is pricier than some of its counterparts in the category of planners, and it only lasts for six months. However, the planner is highly flexible, and sections intended for one thing can be easily used for something else, which accounts for some of the higher pricing.

The 6-Minute Success Journal

The 6-Minute Success Journal

The 6-Minute Success Journal
The 6-Minute Success Journal is a dynamic journal designed for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more with less stress. This journal is more than just a daily to-do list; it aims to help entrepreneurs achieve meaningful goals by reflecting on their needs and values. The seventy-page introduction explains concepts like self-reflection, positive psychology, and the power of habits by citing the latest research from neuroscience and psychology. This journal does not focus on listing random things that the user wants; rather, it guides users step by step to understanding why they want something, and helps them to develop a creative process in achieving it.

The journal comes with daily pages for morning and evening routines, allowing users to cultivate healthy habits that promote success. It also includes weekly questions and monthly check-ins to help users self-reflect and track their progress in different areas of their lives. Furthermore, this journal has habit trackers that help users establish healthy habits while breaking unhealthy ones. It also includes over thirty-three pages for free notes and ideas.

The 6-Minute Success Journal is made of high-quality materials, featuring premium-quality paper, vegan materials, and a CO2-neutral print. It is designed with the user in mind, and made in Germany. It aims to be your companion for more fulfillment, focus, and success.

The only possible downside to this journal is that it has an initial setup that requires some reading and activities that could take some time. However, these activities are neat little exercises that could help you get clarity on your priorities, and you can choose to skip them if you are not interested.

Business & Lifestyle Planner by NM Network Marketing

Business & Lifestyle Planner by NM Network Marketing

Business & Lifestyle Planner by NM Network Marketing
The Business & Lifestyle Planner by NM Network Marketing is a comprehensive journal for Entrepreneurs that aims to cover all aspects of their life. This planner is specifically designed for modern-day entrepreneurs who need to be organized, productive and in absolute control of their growing business.

One of the best features of this planner is its 6 steps to success guidebook, which helps you to be more organized and productive. The guidebook includes goal setting, mindset, gratitude and meal planner sections, customer and prospect trackers, team activity and volume mapping, and social media planner, among others.

The Planner is designed to get you results by making you more productive and organized. With this journal, you can reflect on your previous months to get a clearer focus on your businesses and plan better. Additionally, you can keep track of your customers, which helps with retention, and even work on your personal development thanks to the gratitude sections.

The hardcover design of this journal is of very high quality, measuring 25cm x 19.5cm x 2cm with luxury quality scratch-resistant covering and gloss foiling. The cover features two bookmark ribbons, inside a pocket, a pen holder, elastic book closure, and section thread sewn binding for lie-flat and stay open design.

Why journaling is important for entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, you are in a constant state of flux. Your mind is buzzing with ideas, thoughts, and plans. Keeping all of that organized is a challenge in itself. That’s where journaling can be a life-saver. It can help you make sense of the chaos and streamline your thought-processes.

One of the most significant benefits of journaling is that it gives you time to reflect. You can use your journal to analyze your successes and failures, evaluate your progress towards your goals, and plan your future course of action. It also helps you to unwind and de-stress. When you put your thoughts on paper, you free yourself from the mental clutter and gain a fresh perspective.

Journaling is also a flexible planner. You can use it to keep track of your schedule, maintain to-do lists, and organize your thoughts. Carrying a journal around with you can help you make the most of downtime. For instance, if you find yourself in a waiting room or on a train, you can take out your journal and jot down your ideas.

Besides, journaling as an entrepreneur allows you to develop your memory. Writing down your thoughts and experiences can help you remember them better. Also, by writing down your ideas, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable for your goals.

Lastly, journaling provides a space for creativity. It can be a sketchpad or an idea book, where you capture your inspiration, brainstorm possibilities, and sketch diagrams. Sometimes, journaling can unlock solutions to problems that you couldn’t reach otherwise, by allowing you to visualize things differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference between a Journal and a Diary?

At first glance, a journal and a diary might seem like the same thing. Both involve writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, after all. However, there are some key differences between the two.

A diary is typically used to record daily events and personal experiences. It might include things like what you did that day, who you spent time with, and how you felt. Diaries tend to be more focused on the present moment and are often used to work through personal issues or reflect on one’s day-to-day life.

A journal, on the other hand, is often used for more reflective writing. While it may still include personal experiences, a journal tends to be more focused on exploring one’s thoughts, emotions, and personal growth. It is often used for long-term goal setting, daily affirmations, and tracking progress towards personal or professional aspirations.

Overall, the main difference between a journal and a diary is that a diary is more focused on the present moment and personal experiences, while a journal is more focused on long-term personal growth and reflection. However, it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to these types of writing, and the terms are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation.

Can I use a diary for journaling?

As an entrepreneur, journaling can be a powerful tool for reflection and growth in both your personal and professional life. While some may believe that using a diary for journaling is the same thing, there are a few key differences.

Generally, a diary is simply a record of daily events and experiences, whereas a journal is more focused on personal reflection and growth. Journaling allows entrepreneurs to explore their thoughts and emotions, set goals, and track progress towards those goals.

While it is possible to use a diary for journaling, it may be more helpful to choose a journal specifically designed for this purpose. There are many different types of journals available, including guided journals with prompts and exercises, gratitude journals, and goal-oriented journals.

When choosing a journal, consider your specific needs and goals. Do you want to improve your productivity, clarify your thoughts and feelings, or simply record your daily experiences? Whatever your goals may be, there is likely a journal out there that can help you achieve them.

Is it good to journal everyday?

Journaling is the act of writing down one’s thoughts and feelings on paper. It has been a therapeutic practice for centuries and is still popular today. Many believe that journaling every day is beneficial for mental health and personal growth.

There are many benefits to journaling every day. It helps to regulate emotions, reduces stress, and increases mindfulness. Journaling also helps to clarify thoughts and develop self-awareness, allowing individuals to better understand their own behaviors and patterns.

In addition to personal benefits, journaling can also boost productivity and creativity. Regular journaling can help to set goals, track progress, and reflect on achievements. This can give entrepreneurs a competitive edge in the business world.

However, it is important to note that journaling every day may not be suitable for everyone. For some, it may feel like a chore, leading to frustration and burnout. It is important to assess one’s own needs and preferences before committing to a daily journaling practice.


In conclusion, journals are essential tools that entrepreneurs can use to stay organized, motivated, and creative in their daily activities. From personal growth to building a successful business, the benefits of keeping a journal cannot be overstated. In this article, we have looked at some of the best journals for entrepreneurs currently available on the market; each offering unique features that cater to specific needs.

Whether you choose to go digital or stick to good old-fashioned pen and paper, remember that your journal is your personal space for reflection, brainstorming, and problem-solving. As the great businessman Richard Branson said, “Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.” So, keep writing, keep learning, and keep moving forward. Your journal might just hold the key to your next big breakthrough!

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